MaryAnn Morrar
MaryAnn Morrar

The Open House Risks

In speaking with a potential Seller today, he wanted multiple Open Houses.  He was thinking that was the best way to get his home sold.  Rarely does an ordinary Open House sell the home, instead it provides lead generation for agents.   However, a Mega Open House Bonanza is a whole different story.

As a seller, you need to understand the risks of an open house.

Think about it, would you ever consider opening your front door, letting complete strangers walk through your home by themselves?  However, that is what happens at an open house.


A big concern at the open house is theft.  Thieves usually in pairs posing as buyers.  They are looking for prescription drugs, jewelry, and items for identity theft.  The reality of an open house is one or even two agents cannot keep tabs on everyone.  People will wonder through your home.  The agent may be upstairs with one group, and another group comes in the front door.  Keeping track of everyone is impossible.

The Neighbors 

Most of the time the neighbors are the first ones to enter.  They say I live across the street or down the road.  I just wanted to see what the inside looked like; I have the same floorplan, but mine is so much better.

The Unqualified Buyer

Buyers have no idea of the listing price, or if they can afford the home, they see the sign and come in.  They will ask the agent about other homes in the area.

Is an Open House right for you?

As a seller, you need to think seriously if an open house is right for you.  In today’s marketplace with photos, videos, and 3D tours, do you need the risk of an open house?  Homes priced right, in great condition will sell without ever having an open house.

Under certain circumstances, well planned Open House Bonanza is a great marketing tool.   With the right marketing, and timing an open house can be very successful.  My definition of a successful open house is one that results in an offer or multiple offers.

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